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How are you feeling about the new season that is upon us? This has been one heck of a summer with the Panam/Parapanam Games here in T.O! Loved the music all over town, the "Toronto the Good"vibe that seemed to permeate the city, the good weather and even the wild and...

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Bring on June Joy!

Wow we are at the half way mark! Can you believe it?I am having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that time moves so quickly!   And yesterday's full moon really reminds us that time is of the essence.  It was a strawberry full moon and a real turning point in...

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Happy May Days!

Happy May! We made it! The trees are really starting to become that amazing verdant green and the mood is light and promising.  As I dig into the writing of my second book about "Relationship-Culture" and all that it takes to engage in human connecting in a healthy...

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Free Webinar! Dating in Modern World

Free Webinar! 11 am Friday Feb 13, 2015 Dating in Modern World: The Art of Navigating the Dating World in a Healthy and Empowered Way "Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want...

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Victoria’s December News

Hi everyone! Happy December! The season certainly is upon us now and I hope that you're finding every possible way to enjoy this month. Whether you're fully embracing the holidays or finding peace and sanctuary away from the season's bustle, make this last month of...

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Ultimate Book Lover’s Gift Guide

Happy Holidays and Happy reading! This gift guide was compiled by Audrey van Petegem and Suzanne Letourneau of the ballyhoos, who support Indie Authors with their Branding and Marketing needs.   The Holidays are coming and you know what that means…..It is that time of...

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