Individual Therapy

Primarily people come to my office for #individualtherapy because they are very ready to change that which is no longer working for them either in terms of their relationship to self or others. I hold that space and intention in a very focused way. We work with family of origin issues (“Family-Culture”), overcoming trauma and abuse, narcissistic partners and families, commitment phobia, unresolved patterns of behaviour, grief & loss, depression, codependency, anxiety, addictions, marital strife, parenting, mother, father, & sibling issues, life purpose issues, workplace disharmony, repetition/compulsion distress, poor self esteem, conflict resolution, trauma, eating disorders and anything else that is compromising a person from fully living in joy, ease, well being, health and happiness. This work is wonderfully effective for those who are dealing with chronic emotional lack of ease.

Together we work to facilitate you finding your authentic inner voice; your “Self-Culture”. The process brings about profound awareness as well as practical tools to rewire the neural pathways associated with long held beliefs that you learned from your “Family-Culture”. With this information you will ultimately be able to rewire your patterns that have made up your “Relationship-Culture” so that you can live a free, empowered, healthy, functional and passion filled life…. Your true Self-Culture!

I provide brief and long-term Transformational Holistic Psychotherapy including traditional talk therapy, visualization, goal setting tools and techniques, life purpose exploration, space to deeply process and investigate, as well as motivation and Inspiration, Life Coaching, Parts Integration Therapy, Trauma Unwinding Therapy, Stress-Reduction and positive psychology modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (a tapping technique to free the mind) and New Decision Therapy™.

The talk therapy is often integrated with somatic and energetic therapies including holistic modalities: Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral, Reiki.

Couples Therapy

When I work with couples we look at the patterns of behaviour that lead to the state of the relationship. I teach couples how to fight in a fair, functional and constructive way. Together, as a team we work to decode #Family-Culture and family of origin influences and improve communication problems as well as teaching resiliency to family of origin triggers and hurt-child behaviour. We look at commitment phobia, narcissism, depression, home routine problems, addictions, unfair fighting patterns, shaming patterns of communication, division of task unfairness, resentment, stonewalling, silent treatment patterns, infidelity, trust issues, anxiety, parent/child dynamics, parental alienation and more.  All this so that the couple can move past the dysfunction and into a long-term passionate, healthy, empowered relationship. I often incorporate some breathing, relaxation and visualization tools during couples therapy sessions.

Pre-Marital Sessions

I also love to work with couples that are very serious about marriage and wish to work preventatively with my PreMarital Checklist sessions. In these sessions, we work as a team to understand some of the areas that might become triggers during the marriage. We talk about hot button topics like money, sex, family influences, children and communication glitches and patterns.
Clients find these sessions incredibly impactful and transformational and say that this sets them up for a healthy marriage in the long term.

Adult Families

I also work with adult families to help heal the long held family-culture dynamics. This work can help stop patterns of toxic behaviour so that new decisions, new ways of relating and a new family-culture can evolve. Parents and their adult children often find themselves at a place of relationship-culture turmoil. There is a way out. This therapy is often extremely beneficial to the family at large so that multi-generational cycles are transformed and a new way of being can unfold.

Price and Duration

All sessions are 90 minutes in length.
All prices are in Canadian dollars.

  • One-on-one sessions:
    $170 plus HST per session ($192.10).
  • Couples/family sessions:
    $230 plus HST per session ($259.90).
  • For family sessions:
    That have 3 or more people in the therapy room the price is $300 plus HST per session ($339).

Cancellation Policy

I have a 3 business day cancellation policy including the day of the session. Weekends and holidays do not count!  Please be mindful of booked session dates and times.

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