Holistic Psychotherapy


“We are ultimately responsible for our own healing.”
Dr. Mikao Usui


This ancient form of healing is traced back to Tibet thousands of years ago. In the early 1800’s, a Japanese Christian educator name Mikao Usui 1800’s rediscovered this powerful healing system. In 1922 -after various epiphanies- Usui spent seven years in the very poor quarter of Kyoto working with the very sick and poor, employing the various Reiki techniques. Here, he discovered that if people do not take personal responsibility for their own healing, they will never truly learn the lesson that the illness is attempting to show them and they will repeat the illness cycle over and over. Thus, he created the two precepts of Reiki:

1. Reiki can only be done when one has complete permission from the recipient

2. There must always be a clear exchange for the Reiki treatment.

Usui then opened a Reiki school in Tokyo where he trained many students to become Reiki teachers/Masters. The system of healing was eventually brought to Hawaii and then to the rest of North America through a Japanese- American named Hawayo Takata. She was made teacher/Master in 1938 and her various successors have spread Reiki knowledge and teaching across North America and parts of Europe.

If you are looking for physical, emotional and spiritual balance in your life, a comprehensive Reiki session may be just what you need. This therapy can bring about balanced energy, vitality, profound relaxation, and also assist you in achieving your quest for self-discovery and health.

The western meaning of Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. When we describe Reiki, it helps to dissect the name to understand its meaning.


Rei denotes universal consciousness; a higher power which is all-knowing, aware of, but not a part of the physical world. This is the power that allows Reiki energy to flow where it is most needed to each individual.


Ki can also be termed as life force or energy. All living things have this energy flowing through them. Ki is the non-physical energy used by all healers, and when guided by a higher or universal consciousness, it can help on all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

In a Session

I use other modalities in a Reiki session including Polarity Therapy, Ear Coning, and New Decision Therapy to enhance the benefits and results.

In a Reiki session, we tap into the universal life force energy system. Once the client grants permission, the hands of the practitioner are gently placed onto the body of the recipient. This channeled energy is self-dispersing and it flows naturally into deficient areas.

The Benefits

– induced relaxation
– reduction of pain and stress
– increasing vitality
– assists the body’s natural healing abilities
– provides a general sense of balance
– promotes emotional and spiritual self discovery

You can learn to do this powerful yet simple technique yourself. I teach monthly workshops in Reiki Levels 1,2 and Mastery. Go to the Seminars page for more details on upcoming classes.

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