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International Women’s Day 2016 At Hard Rock Cafe

Relationship Rescue 911: Fighting Fairly

So honoured to be invited! Here is my talk at the International Women’s Day 2016 event Held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto: A Woman World in an Inside Job. Fighting without a game plan is like riding a freight train at full speed toward a brick wall. Here I talk about tools to fight fairly, stop defensiveness, stop blaming and getting out of the hurt child in your adult relationships. And how to get into the Balanced Adult during a conflict.

What She Said Radio show with Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler

On Feb 11th I was so honoured to do the What She Said Radio show with Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler! We talked about the new book but also about key concepts in rewiring one’s relationship-culture so that we aren’t just repeating the same cycles of relationship dysfunction over and over again. We also covered what it takes to have a long-term passionate marriage and how to spot relationship problems from the start including commitment phobia, codependency and narcissism!

Here is the video:

Here is the audio:


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