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Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd, RP, CCC, BCPP, RPE is a Registered Psychotherapist, relationship expert, life coach, author and keynote speaker. For 20 years she has witnessed the metamorphosis of countless people as they journey toward their “self-culture” and their healthy “relationship-cultures”. She has a master’s degree in educational psychology, has studied energy psychology modalities and her influences include eastern philosophy modalities, visualization, meditation, breathe work, as well as modern and traditional psychotherapy; the basis for her brand of holistic psychotherapy that works with the mind, body and soul to effect monumental change in her clients’ lives.

As a keynote speaker I would be delighted to speak at your organization, event or conference. I also love working collaboratively to create a talk, seminar or workshop that is unique to your organization! I bring my vast expertise in human interrelationships to help improve a workplace culture. When we relate in toxic ways, we cannot succeed! Improving workplace relationship cultures transforms employee dynamics, leadership styles and improves performance, emotional well being, morale and communication which ultimately affects a company’s bottom line.

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Here are some topics I speak on! We can also create a seminar that is unique to your organization. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Past talks and ongoing!

International Women’s Day and Victoria was asked to to a talk on Relationship Rescue 911: Fighting Fairly

March 6, 2016

My talk at the International Women’s Day 2016 event Held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto: A Woman World in an Inside Job. Fighting without a game plan is like riding a freight train at full speed toward a brick wall. Here I talk about tools to fight fairly, stop defensiveness, stop blaming and getting out of the hurt child in your adult relationships. And how to get into the Balanced Adult during a conflict.

The Ultimate Life/Balance Bootcamp: Stop Worrying! And Kick Anxiety in the Butt Naturally!

November 2nd, 2014 in Toronto

With so many complications on the planet at the moment, not to mention our obsession with leading very busy lives, it is no surprise that many people are suffering from increased anxiety. Whether it is simple cabin fever or a complex anxiety disorder, anxiety can be a debilitating nightmare for many. The good news is there are ways to treat anxiety holistically, without drugs.

Toronto holistic psychotherapist Victoria Lorient-Faibish has been helping people fight anxiety and depression naturally for more than 20 years. On Sunday, November 2nd, 2014, she’ll host day long workshop focused on giving people tools and strategies to fight this important battle head on.
“This transformational and experiential day of learning is focused on helping participants break through anxiety and reclaim their real selves!” says Victoria. “We’ll cover everything from the biology of anxiety to supplements and strategies to transform perfectionism and your inner bully into a supportive inner coach.”

The Ultimate Holistic Anti-Anxiety Workshop

This workshop was fantastically attended in March of 2014!

Anxiety is at an all time high today and many are mystified as to how to treat and overcome this Goliath of our time without drugs. Learn about the biology of anxiety, change and brain plasticity. Experience proven tools and techniques that Victoria uses in her office daily, to rewire the brain so that a new normal can be achieved. Learn Ways to challenge the old concretized thoughts that keep you anxious and overcome the big “3”; guilt, anger and shame! Understand how to anchor in new beliefs so that when anxiety is there, you can easily tackle it and lessen its impact on you. This seminar can be utilized in multiple settings including in the corporate setting, since Anxiety is also compromising productivity as well as professional relationships and the bottom lines in companies. Mitigating anxiety in the work place in order to maintain and improve employee success and company profits is essential!

Client Non-Compliance – Working with the “Saboteur”

This workshop was very successful and well attended at the 2008 Holistic Nutrition Conference Feeding Minds: Mental Health & Nutrition.

This experiential workshop will explore how to work with your client’s internal saboteur. One of the most challenging issues confronting practitioners is clients’ non-compliance such as refusing to take appropriate supplements or continuing self-destructive habits. Explore parts work, somatic focusing, and the hurt child as techniques to neutralize these kinds of self-harming patterns within your client. Uncover ways to better assist your client so that they can truly begin to embrace your program.

Change requires three main elements: Willingness to do whatever it takes to move into a shift. Awareness to see with clarity that which is truly going on. And Courage to face this sometimes immensely challenging process toward authenticity.  Here are some techniques to facilitate client awareness that could truly shift the self sabotaging behaviors.

Boundaries: The Essence of Good Relationships!

Understanding the anatomy of a good boundary is paramount to having healthy relationships both in personal and professional realms. Knowing the anatomy of a good boundary versus a bad one in key interactions amoung human beings is essential to improving the core of a company’s relational dynamic as well as mitigating the destruction of families and partnerships. When good boundaries are in place, morale is improved in companies, bottom lines are positively impacted, trust among co-workers and families is fostered and interpersonal dynamics are healed.

Healing Codependency in Leadership and At Home

Whether in the workplace on in personal relationships, the reality is that whatever is at the top trickles down to inform and impact the bottom. If the leadership at work or at home is dysfunctional and in this case codependent, chances are the success and efficiency of the leader will be compromised because so much of a codependent leader’s time is taken up by overly coddling, enabling and controlling those they are in charge of or in relationship with. Poor boundaries, inability to delegate, approval seeking, insecurity, micromanaging, as well as unfair assessing are all the domain of the codependent leader. This seminar will provide profound awareness, understanding and teach key tools to bring about key shifts in behaviour that reverse codependency. Once reversed, family and company dynamics can be restored. This seminar can also be applied to improve dynamics in schools where there are relational and communication challenges between teachers and management.

Heal the Hurt Child: Master the Art of Healthy Relationships

People want to be loved and want to have healthy relationships. Yet if the “Family-Culture” of origin has normalized dysfunctional, critical, shaming, blaming communication and relating, chances are there will be a destruction of the “Self-Culture” (the authentic self) allowing the hurt child to run the show. Unhealthy patterns will plague a person’s adult relationships and erode at the fundamentals of marriages, friendships, professional partnerships and families. In this seminar participants will unearth their “Self-Culture” by healing the hurt child within and in the process they will be able to gain mastery over their destructive hurt child behaviors including the big “5”: jealousy, resentment, guilt, anger and shame.

Finding Your True Power by Finding Your “Self-Culture”

If you have not yet found your “Self-Culture” – your authentic, instinctive self—you are not living the life the universe intends for you. What is your inner voice saying? What makes your heart happy? What brings you joy? Who is your real self? What path are you on? And what do you want out of your life? You need to know the answers to these questions to live your life in the best way you can. The quest for your “Self-Culture” is not a narcissistic, futile, self-indulgent pursuit. It is vital to your well-being. You can serve those you love and the planet better when you know who you are and are at peace with yourself. This peace does not come without the “spiritual warrior” part of you, doing its finest battle on your behalf. The journey is a profound, and at times arduous, look within. The result will be an emerging self that you will treasure, savor and protect because you know you fought for it and won!

Transform the Inner Bully into a Supportive Coach

The bully in us may be familiar because we have normalized it as a way to motivate ourselves; however, it is rarely effective, at least not for long. In fact, bullying ourselves has the opposite effect. Often we think that if we can just be disciplined and strict enough with ourselves, we will be more successful. If we don’t seem to be getting anywhere, we become impatient and get mad at ourselves, berating, criticizing, judging and yelling at ourselves. Do more! Be more! Go, go, go! To create a new pattern of behavior, you need to transform the bully voice within you into a supportive coach voice that will ease you gently into the desired change. In reality, the bully is trying to make you a better you, but in a misdirected way. In this seminar we will explore ways of transforming and neutralizing the destructive inner bully.

I speak about Relationships and the disharmony therein. Marriages, friendships, professional partnerships and entire families are eroding under the crush of codependency, commitment phobia, family of origin dysfunction, narcissism, violent communication and dating disasters. I speak about the essential need to find the “selfy self” in order to master destructive jealousy, resentment, guilt, anger and shame… the big 5 that destroy lives and companies!

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